One Platform for Your Entire Business.

Pull from everywhere, integrate everything, connect everyone.

Domo changes data from a currency to be banked into the fuel that drives business. Domo puts all of a business’s data to work for employees throughout the company.

With 500+ data connectors, you can easily bring in data directly from any 3rd party source—cloud, on-prem, and proprietary systems.

Domo automatically updates data, so you can track time-sensitive trends and see business performance as it unfolds in real time.

Magic ETL lets even non-technical users cleanse and combine data from anywhere—no coding required. Plus, data flows update automatically, so you always have the latest data at your fingertips.

Work together faster, better, stronger.

Domo enables all employees to engage with real-time data, increasing everyone’s productivity and ability to act on the data—including partners outside of the organization.

Domo is built for decision makers to easily tell actionable data stories, with 300+ interactive charts and dashboards for mobile and desktop.

Buzz, Domo’s fully-integrated chat tool, allows everyone to share and collaborate around business data as a natural, organic part of the discussion.

Keep track of the most popular metrics in your business, stay on top of strategic conversations, and connect your people to break down work silos.

Run the business from your phone.

Business leaders have to be everything, everywhere. Domo’s native mobile application enables all employees to effectively and quickly manage their responsibilities using their mobile device.

Domo’s native apps for iOS and Android are real-time, intuitive, and designed for on-the-go decision makers to run the business without ever looking at a computer screen.

Every card built in Domo is automatically mobile-optimized for whatever device you’re viewing it on, so you’ll never need to create or maintain a separate mobile version.

Domo mobile gives you access to your live business data and all the tools you need to explore, drill, analyze, annotate, comment, and more—on any device.

Add annotations and draw right on a chart to ask questions, add critical context, or call out anomalies in your data—all of which syncs automatically across mobile and desktop.

Take action with data.

Domo weaves seven platform components together to increase alignment, accuracy, and effectiveness across systems. Get a more holistic view so you can take more informed actions.

Domo’s predictive alerts notify you when your business needs your attention, so you can focus on taking action while there’s still time to make an impact.

Domo’ s powerful data science tools help you get more out of your data investment and get an edge on the competition—no data science degree required.

Safe, secure, scalable.

Domo delivers optimized web-scale enterprise-class security and administration for businesses of all sizes.

The Domo cloud architecture scales automatically and elastically to safely store billions of rows of data and query it all at sub-second speeds.

Domo’s robust internal and external data control options protect even your most sensitive data with security and privacy controls, like 2FA, SSO, and BYOK encryption.

Domo is built on an open data platform that makes it possible for you to use Domo as your primary data warehouse or as an augmentation to your existing stack.

Your insights, your way.

A full app ecosystem provides packaged offerings targeted to meet the needs of specific industry, functional role, and use-case scenarios.

The Domo Appstore connects you to the smartest minds in the industry, with hundreds of plug-n-play dashboards and apps for every industry, department, and business role under the sun.

Domo’s SDK and Design Studio let you build powerful, custom apps that meet your specific business needs, while automatically integrating features like collaboration and alerts.

Get a free, non-production, dev-ready sandbox environment to iterate and perfect your solutions, pre-loaded with sample data and cards, extensive documentation, and guides.

Domo’s powerful data and user APIs allow it to be managed programmatically, including utilizing and integrating with existing MDM systems, active directories, and security policies.

Solutions Tailored to Your Industry