Don’t get schooled

Classrooms and budgets are bursting at the seams. Today’s educators have to be more creative than ever to teach the leaders of tomorrow.

Make a difference

Recent government figures put at-risk students at more than 50% of the total student population. Giving teachers, principals and boards the tools to track, quantify and fund successful education initiatives could be the difference in a young student’s life.

Use Domo

Domo empowers educators to do more with less by enabling you to:

  • Identify at-risk students
  • Track successful intervention programs
  • Measure student progress
  • Manage alumni and community relations
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Higher Education

Institutions of higher education have the unique challenge of successfully attracting and retaining students, improving rankings and managing endowments. Domo lets you:

  • Monitor marketing and student acquisition
  • Identify and track at-risk students
  • Improve job and grad school placement


Opportunities in the for-profit education space continue to expand rapidly, but new opportunities mean new challenges and uncharted waters. Domo can tailor a solution to your needs, and help you:

  • Monitor marketing and student acquisition
  • Identify and track student outcomes
  • Increase alumni donations and participation
  • Leverage student feedback


Doing provides insight into the individual performance and progress of each student. Domo gives teachers the tools to:

  • Identify at-risk students
  • Track success of intervention programs
  • Measure a student’s progress
  • Measure the success of discipline

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