Innovation for growth

Financial reporting is tedious, relying on a mess of disconnected spreadsheets and reports. As a finance expert, it’s your job to help steer the business. But if your reporting is a month behind, so are you.

The cutting edge

Living on the edge sounds dangerous. But in an industry as innovative as technology, it’s the only way to gain an advantage. Now is the time to leverage all the information and technology at your fingertips for faster insights and leaner operations.

The Domo edge

Many technology companies are trying to solve similar problems: What’s happening in R&D? How are we acquiring customers? What is it costing us? How does that compare to costs in our sales channels? Domo gives you live, actionable insights to understand key drivers of development, distribution marketing and direct channel sales. Faster insights lead to smarter decision making for:

  • Increased revenue retention
  • Accelerated adoption rates
  • Faster iterations
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Any business. Any role.


Software professionals care about product quality, scalability and growth. Domo puts all the data you care about into one intuitive dashboard, available across all your devices.

  • Measure deployment frequency
  • Track usage statistics
  • Manage support ticket response times
  • Analyze customer cohorts


Domo eliminates hours of manual reporting and master spreadsheeting by combining all your data, your partner’s data, and industry best practices into one intuitive platform.

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