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Whether you’re a broadcast network, telecommunications, or advertising agency executive, your objective is the same – to increase revenue, grow and retain your customer base and maximize profitability.

Keeping up to date

As today’s media and entertainment industry transforms at a rapid pace, it’s become increasingly difficult to respond to current market trends. To truly capitalize on the new digital marketplace and connected consumer, media and entertainment leaders require accessible, real-time and reliable data.

Stay in the loop with Domo

Domo transforms the way you manage your business by connecting directly to your different sources of data, so you can have the information you require, right at your fingertips. From campaign profitability to customer and fan revenue to CSAT and retention scores, Domo helps you see the information you need, exactly the way you want to see it.

  • Maximize brand and campaign profitability
  • Extend reach and frequency
  • Improve paid social performance
  • Increase customer acquisition and loyalty
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Any business. Any role.


It can take days to aggregate data from multiple data sources – from TV to SEM to paid social. Domo solves that problem by bringing all your data into one intuitive platform, making it easy to close the loop.

  • Track paid media analytics
  • Set alerts for changes in SEO or SEM
  • Follow linear performance metrics


Domo connects to hundreds of data sources and pulls them into a single view to help broadcast executives increase reach and ad revenue while outsmarting the competition.

  • Track media ratings and social engagement in real-time
  • Monitor online video views
  • Calculate revenue per visit
  • See ad yield


In today’s digital world, the publishing industry faces huge hurdles. Domo gives you an edge by pulling all your key metrics into a single platform, in real-time.

  • Drive ad yield
  • Track engagement per visitor
  • Show definitive ROI

Sports & Gaming

From measuring merchandise sales to sponsorship revenue to game day attendance, you need the right information at the right time to retain your audience. With Domo you can:

  • Drive merchandise and concession sales
  • Track ROI on marketing spend
  • Compare game day attendance
  • Follow TV ratings in real-time


You need CSAT scores, subscriber revenue and more in real-time. Domo puts you way ahead of customers and clients by connecting to all your data, in real-time and creating beautiful visualizations you can’t wait to share.

  • Compare customer conversion, growth and attrition rates
  • See marketing ROI
  • Track gross renewals
  • Improve subscriber upsells

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