Innovation for the eCommerce explosion

Today’s consumer is savvy–spotting deals, telling friends, and affecting your bottom line without ever stepping foot in the store. Everyone in retail—from omnichannel marketers, to store managers, to supply chain specialists—is thirsting for real-time data to get the edge.

Data in your hands

Consumer tastes can change in a heartbeat. Successful retailers put data directly in the hands of those who can react the fastest: store managers and front-line associates. Give your team real-time insights into top-selling products and location performance. A class-leading mobile user experience ensures even geographically distributed teams can optimize and grow together.

Make a statement

Customers are choosing, sharing, and buying at all times. Increasingly, you need a business optimization platform that understands an omnichannel retail sales model. Domo connects to all your data for proactive insights and smarter decisions. From campaign profitability to smooth fulfillment, you need to know what’s happening, right as it’s happening.

  • Understand campaign effectiveness across all channels
  • Maximize brand and campaign profitability
  • Optimize acquisition cost all the way through to online purchase
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Any business. Any role.


Domo brings your data—from across multiple channels—together into one intuitive platform. Give retail associates and managers access to real-time reporting, custom alerts, and easy collaboration around your data.

  • Track and share store performance in real time
  • Highlight inventory trends
  • Share success tactics, and collaborate chain-wide


Understand where your buyers come from, what’s important to them, and why they’re converting. Close the loop on your marketing performance by tracking everything in one place.

  • Track website analytics and conversion
  • Understand cart behavior—adds, abandonments, checkouts
  • Get realtime spend and ROI on acquisition programs
  • Understand omnichannel attribution

Supply Chain

Get a crystal-clear picture of your business. Know how products are moving, and use predictive analytics help you prepare for seasonality changes, emerging trends, or even weather effects.

  • Follow trended vs. comparative sales
  • Precision inventory management: eliminate stock-outs
  • Use historic patterns to forecast more accurately
  • Share real-time inventory levels up and down the supply chain

Global Scale

Multiple Fortune 50 retailers trust Domo to scale with their operations. Let Domo handle all the heavy lifting so your organization can keep shelves stocked and registers ringing.

  • Consistent performance
  • Designed for billions of rows of data
  • Secure and scalable

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