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Your business has fallen victim to manual, paper-driven processes. Productivity is low, thanks to the countless hours your employees spend creating documents, searching for data, filing and organizing, and entering data. Whats more, you’re wasting company dollars on the cost of paper, ink and energy for printing, copying and faxing.

The Solution.

Implement a Document Management system to make all documents and information in your organization available at the fingertips of the employees who need it, at the exact moment they need it. The will ensure that your employees spend time productively, instead of wasting their considerable talents searching for, routing and filing documents.

Doctrix reduces the need for manual data entry, removes multiple steps from document management processes and effectively saves businesses time and money
Increased Productivity

Doctrix eliminates as much as 30 percent of the time it takes to file, search for or retrieve documents.

Perform Audits in Minutes

Doctrix collects all data in a single repository, as well as collating reports on who accesses documents and when, allowing managers to perform audits in shorter periods of time with fewer headaches.

Quick and Efficient Discovery

Doctrix provides users with multiple ways to search for and retrieve documents and data.

Cut the Need for Paper

The average document is photocopied 19 times! Stop making copies and maintaining file cabinets, as Doctrix document management turns supporting documents digital.

Improve Collaboration

With all documents converted to electronic formats, coworkers and colleagues can collate all necessary information in a single repository and share those files on a global scale.

Save Office Space

Turning all documents digital means that businesses can eliminate the need for filing cabinets or storage units.

Boost Customer Service

Doctrix ensures that any and all documents are quickly and easily retrievable, so customers spend less time waiting and more time getting results.

Become Green

With Doctrix, any company can go green as it reduces paper usage.


Doctrix lets you access your documents from any modern web browser.


Doctrix lets you access your documents from any modern mobile devices

People are talking…

“Doctrix gives my small company the same kind of document management capabilities that large companies use.”

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