We improve your efficiency

Build an intuitive, drag and drop interface makes it easy for business analyst to model approval-based workflows.

Workflows Designed For How You Work

To maximize your ability to route, process and – most importantly – complete tasks within a department or across your enterprise, you need to design workflows that support the way you work. Doctrix Workflow Designer Tool, with a graphical designer and a rich programming capability, makes robust workflow automation easy.

Drag and Drop

The graphical modeler allows you to create, manage and modify workflows quickly and easily

Configurable Properties

Use the Workflow Designer to set document-based configurable parameters to further automate the flow and routing of documents and content to end-users and other systems.

Alerts and Notifications

Set up and manage privileges, rules and alarms across the solution.

Automatic Notifications

Doctrix notifies you about missing information and highlights specific content and the required signatures.

Document Workflow Monitoring

Doctrix gives you the ability to monitor the status of documents throughout the workflow.

Work Across Systems

Doctrix workflow capabilities allow for easy integration with existing business applications and other technologies.


At Dynamic Worklabs, our #1 priority is customer success. We’re not just a software company, DW is your partner for success.

A Few Words From Us

At Dynamic Worklabs (DW), we believe a comprehensive content management system should neither change peoples’ daily work routines, nor require a lengthy or costly implementation. In our experience with our customers, we have found that nearly any organization can significantly improve its bottom line with easy and affordable content management solution. We assure you that the Doctrix ECM solution will help you automate business processes, optimize operations and enhance revenue generation.

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