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Construction Enterprise Content Management Solution


Construction industry is a challenging and dynamic industry, which poses challenges at all levels of construction project, right from designing the project through to execution. Unlike manufacturing industry, where factories have to churn out same products in a controlled environment, construction projects are carried out in an unsheltered environment and needs vary according to projects, sites and weather conditions. Construction business is always unstable and chaotic, making it very important that their back office is running smoothly. To reduce the chaos and bring sanity in this industry, one needs more than a capable manager.

What are the Challenges within Construction Industry?

Clients of construction businesses want their work to be done on time, in the allocated budget and without slightest of variation. This poses a big challenge to construction business, but it can be eased by proper planning and management.

Keeping up with Changes

Unlike other industries, construction business is highly affected by economic and technological changes. People in construction businesses have to embrace technology to stay abreast of competitors and changes.

Too Much Chaos

Typically, construction businesses have to manage workforce, obtain strategic sites, design profitable projects and execute them expertly keeping competition in mind. To achieve all this, construction businesses need an able manager and strong technological support.

Managing Expenses

Just as in every other industry, it very important for construction business to offer value for money as well as stick to the allocated budget despite escalating prices. Content Management software can help solve all these problems. This simple technological solution can allow all types of businesses to manage and collaborate efficiently and reduce chaos; construction is no exception. This software also provides immense savings by reducing time and cost of doing backend jobs.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution provides support for a variety of operations like organizing and securing your data as well as coordinating with your colleagues, so that you can worry less about mundane backend jobs and focus more on other critical issues of business.

Doctrix ECM, our super-efficient enterprise content platform can help you do all these and much more.

Doctrix: Simple & Smart Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform

Doctrix is an extremely efficient ECM Software that can smooth out all document management tasks within construction industry.

Apart from the obvious benefits such as more efficiency in handling documents, Doctrix can also help by making retrieval, collaboration and securing easier. This means there will be less clutter on your desk and you can get information quickly.

Let’s see how Doctrix features can ease some of the challenges of construction industry. :

Scanning tools

Scanning tools and add-ons such as OCR, real-time image viewing, predefining different types of scan criteria suitable for different jobs, PDF, flexible document separation and image quality improver make scanning with Doctrix a breeze.

Document Relations

When searching for documents, wouldn’t it be great if you were able to see related documents too. Doctrix ECM allows you to set relations between all documents pertaining to a particular project, so that you don’t have to waste time in searching for related documents stored in different folders


  • Reduces clutter resulting from too many papers and designs
  • Saves cost by reducing the space needed to store records
  • Organizes project information and designs
  • Secures confidential contracts and bids