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Effectively manage employee records from hire to retire


Human Resource Management can be a source of strategic advantage for every company, but is your Human Resources department able to effectively and efficiently do their job? The amount of paper and electronic documents that any HR department generates and receives can be huge with numerous files having to be maintained for every employee and applicant. In addition, ensuring compliance with regulations and timelines is essential as well as improving your departmental efficiency & content management, but how do you do it?

Automating HR Workflow with Doctrix ECM Workflow Engine

An instant time and money saver in the HR process is the use of electronic workflow. Users of the HR systems can kick off a automated workflow and approval process from a document stored in the Doctrix repository. The workflow system allows users to route resumes or annual reviews to appropriate “Reviewers” and “Approvers”. The system tracks the status of this workflow and provides the HR department with up to the minute status on the review or approval.

HR Alerts and Reminders using the Doctrix (ECM) Solution

The HR department manages many employee or contractor contracts. Once these documents are stored in the ECM system they can be set to provide alerts and reminders of actions to be taken. Matters like annual reviews or contract expiration can be scheduled to automatically remind managers of tasks to be done.

The best way to meet all of these needs is through the adoption of an Enterprise Content Management Solution like Doctrix. With the Doctrix solution you can automate the hiring process using web-based electronic forms to cost effectively capture employment data. These forms and automatically stored in the content management system, and can automatically initiate a new employee hiring workflow. This provides instant visibility to the users involved in the process and allows them to make decisions automatically about the candidate. All of this functionality collapse the time and reduces the cost that it takes to process employment applications and provides the documents and decision data you need for regulatory compliance.

Good information about employees allows you to make good decisions around compensation and advancements. Doctrix allows you to capture, organize and secure all the information and documents that represents an employees’ history with your organization. Having the right HR information helps protect your organization from potential employee litigation and compliance issues.

Typical Human Resource Documents Managed by Doctrix:

Employment Applications
Annual Reviews
Employee Correspondence
Confidentiality Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements
Medical Plan Documents
Separation Agreement