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The cost-effective, compliant solution for the public sector


Hundreds of government agencies run our state, our country, making decisions that protect interest of all at stake. Reaching these decisions, however, takes a lot of time, patience and paper. Let’s say there is a transportation strike in a state. Though it is a problem at state level, the state government officials will have to discuss debate and decide with transportation and treasury departments to form a strategic solution. Before reaching this decision, a lot of documents, research papers, expert studies and updates are sent back and forth. So it would not be wrong to say that government is a paper-intensive industry.

Government bodies implementing content management software have a goal of becoming more sustainable meaning they want to decrease the amount of paper used and money spent on storage and labor. Paper folders, labels, shelving, and file cabinets, and the floor space they consume are expensive. With content management software the space lost to filing can be reclaimed.

Content management software reduces overhead by eliminating the need to make multiple copies of a single document for staff and other departments to view. Documents can be viewed simultaneously in the document repository from the desktop application or the web client.

Government agencies have a duty to its citizens to increase efficiency and improve communication while maintaining compliance to regulations. Audit trails, logs, and repository back-ups must be in place to meet standards and guidelines. Content management software can instantly provide reports to auditors to ensure compliance. A disaster recovery plan works with content management software to ensure that data is never lost and can easily be recovered.

Doctrix ECM: Organize Documents, Reduce Paper

Doctrix does an excellent job of managing documents in an organized manner, so that you don’t have to resort to traditional filing methods. With Doctrix, you can create virtual cabinets and folders, a structure with which every government official is familiar.

You can scan paper documents stored over years and secure them in a digitized repository for future reference. Features like backup and restore allow you to safeguard your data against typical threats that paper documents face.

Apart from eliminating paper costs, Doctrix can also reduce labor costs by improving the efficiency of government officials. It can also eliminate the space needed for storing physical files.

Centralized Repository

With a centralized repository, you can store everything in one place, so that reference becomes easier. Doctrix allows you to create unlimited cabinets and folders, so that you can organize files neatly. You can also set relations between documents for quick search.

Simplified Task Flow

In any government agency, there is still a lot of bureaucracy. So one file or a document changes many hands before it is finally approved. Doctrix offers in-built document and task flow process that allows you to monitor progress of each task.

Version Control

Documents are updated and changed by many people before they are finally approved. Version control allows you to see who uploaded the latest version and when. You can also retrieve older versions whenever you want. Version history can be easily seen in the bottom panel of Doctrix.