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Drive your Business with Enterprise Content Management Software


Transportation and Logistic companies run on fuel and paper. Every shipment is accompanied by bill of lading, proof of deliveries, invoices, air waybills, air cargo manifests, freight bills and other required documentation. Transportation is among the most heavily regulated industries in the world and is loaded with paper work. Tracking details of customer shipments is the highest priority and much of it is done on paper such as packing slips, weigh bills, invoices, bills of lading all of which have to be filed and kept to prove goods were delivered.

Managing the supply chain is challenging, it starts with sales orders and ends with proof of delivery and receipt of payment. In between there are manufacturing processes, reports, employee reviews and expense management. All of these tasks involve a great amount of paperwork. Dealing with all of these paper documents is very demanding since they are moved around, written on, signed, and eventually need to be filed somewhere to be found later. Content management software can help manage all of this information by scanning all the paperwork into the repository and route it to the correct people thereby making the documents easy to find.

With Doctrix, transportation companies:

Scale their solution across corporate and branch locations while managing information in a central repository
Promote faster inter-departmental processing, allowing staff to make better, more informed decisions
Automate document workflow automation (DWA) tracking and accountability for improved internal productivity and customer service.
Simplify access to documents by providing secure mobile access to information anytime, anywhere.
Eliminate the need for document duplication by providing authorized users with access to client support files from any location through a secure audited viewer.
Eliminate storage and courier costs by scanning and electronically routing client information.
Decrease processing time and costs and enhance customers’ experience.
Simplify and reduce operation expenses associated with third party audits.
Streamline and automate document retention and destruction processes with custom business rules.