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Real Estate

Real Estate, Title and Property Management Companies Are Increasing Productivity and Improving Client Service with Doctrix Workflow and Enterprise Content Management Solutions


Commercial and residential real estate companies of all sizes struggle with managing, securing and accessing business documents related to the properties they sell, lease and rent. Doctrix Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can help your organization provide high-quality client services while lowering your operation expenses by enabling authorized users to access documents instantly regardless of department or location.

The typical real estate, title, and property management company handles hundreds of thousands of documents and images each year requiring the allocation of physical space to store applications, signature cards, leases, contracts, loan agreements, affidavits, assignment of liens, purchase agreements, real estate disclosure forms, financials, work orders, move–in and move-out documentation, notices, invoices and correspondence. The majority of this information is handled through manual processes that often require moving paper documents from properties to the corporate office.

Real Estate Companies Rely on Doctrix Enterprise Content Management to:

Integrate with existing business applications for one-click automated file, search and retrieval.
Automate document workflow automation tracking and accountability for improved internal productivity and customer service.
Simplify access to documents by providing secure mobile access to information anytime, anywhere.
Eliminate the need for document duplication by providing authorized users with access to client support files from any location through a secure audited viewer.
Eliminate storage and courier costs by scanning and electronically routing client information.
Decrease processing time and costs and enhance customers’ experience.
Simplify and reduce operation expenses associated with third party audits.
Streamline and automate document retention and destruction processes with custom business rules.
Track missing files through Doctrix compliance reports and reduce risk and exposure.